More than 10 years of professional childcare

with focus on development, play and learning


 146 kr/h

99 % 
of our families would recommend us to a friend!
  • Reduce the everyday stress

  • Great role model for the children

  • More time for yourself or with your partner

  • Promote the children's cognitive and creative development

  • Practice on secondary/extra languages

  • Help with pickup from school

Who are we?

Barnakademin was founded in 2008 and has since then provided parents and families with hundreds of professional babysitters all over Sweden. We aim to make life easier and more flexible for parents as well as to develop and train children.

With the help of a babysitter, your child will have further opportunities to develop. Studies show that children who spend time with adults (especially young adults), who do not belong to relatives and teachers, receive great social and communicative benefits later in life.


Barnakademin advocates something that we call Creative Childcare. In today's society where digital media "steal" the children's attention, it's extra important to find moments where children can engage with more stimulating and creative things.
Creative childcare places a greater focus on creativity, communication
and and stimulation of the children's minds. 


Barnakademin's Bilingual Babysitters

  • Do you speak two languages in the family and want your children to practice their second language?

  • Or have you recently moved to Sweden and want your kids to practice their Swedish?
    Then maybe a Bilingual Babysitter is something for you!

Benefits of acquiring a second language

Cognitive Development

  • Higher performance in tests

  • Greater problem solving and creative thinking skills

  • Earlier reading and comprehension development

  • Increased memory capacity 


Cultural Advantages

  • Bilingual children are more likely to have a greater appreciation for different cultures

  • Deeper connections with people from different cultures

Social Development

  • Increased ability to focus on  tasks and manage behaviors

  • More confidence and engagement socially

Practical Benefits

  • Ability to learn other languages more quickly

  • Increased job opportunities

Meet Our Babysitters


24 yrs old, Stockholm

Andrea comes from Schweiz and moved here to study a master in Business. She loves Stockholm and has been babysitting part-time since she was 17 years old. She is fluent in German, French and Italian and have a strong passion for languages and traveling! Andrea works extra as a babysitter for one of our families; her family describes her as responsible, social and ambitious.


26 yrs old, Stockholm

Emmah is originally from London but moved here to study to become a teacher. She has several years of experience working in preschools and was previously working in the USA as an au pair for two years. Her family describes her as a loving, caring and happy person.


26 yrs old, Stockholm

Morgaine comes from Bordeaux, France. She is studying her master's degree in International Business here in Stockholm. She has previously worked as an au pair in the United States. Morgaine speaks English, French and moderate Swedish. She works part time with us at Barnakademin and helps the children with their French. Her family describes her as loyal, outgoing and responsible.

What do  our parents say?

I have tried several childcare companies in Stockholm, but Barnakademin is the only one I have been 100% satisfied with. We have had two babysitters from them for two years and they have both been amazing with our children. Engaging, reliable and knowledgeable! Also, the contact and commitment from the headquarters have been excellent! (translated)

Amanda Niklasson, Nacka, Oct 2017

Me and my husband both had extremely much at work for some time and had a very hard time getting everything to work at home. Got a recommendation from a friend who was extremely pleased with Barnakademin and I decided to try. One of the best decisions we have made in recently! Lina is absolutely amazing, but above all, my stress level has been significantly reduced. Me and my husband have also got a lot more time for each other and usually meet up in town for a date once every two weeks! ;) (translated)

Mikaela Håkansson, Vasastan, Sept 2017

We had a really hard time finding a babysitter that was able to speak German here in Sweden until we got in contact with Barnakademin. Since our kids are half English and half German we really wanted to find someone that could communicate with them in German so they would improve their ability to speak. Now, we have had help from Annika for a little over a year. She has been nothing but amazing and the kids are much more comfortable speaking German! We are incredibly satisfied!

Anna Weber, Östermalm, March 2017




Choose the Bound plan and get a lower rate per/hour!


for You & for Your Child

Barnvakt: Classisk

Barnvakt: Plus

Bilingual Babysitter

(gymnasium student)

(finished gymnasium)

(Bilingual Babysitter***)


170 kr

184 kr

188 kr

Bound 1**

12-23 h/m

162 kr

176 kr

180 kr

Bound 2

24-35 h/m

154 kr

168 kr

172 kr

Bound 3

36 + h/m

146 kr

158 kr

162 kr

All prices are incl. VAT and after RUT deduction

RUT - Deduction
For childcare (and other household services) you get a deduction of 50% and the other 50% is paid by the government/Skatteverket.
Click here to read more about RUT.
Conditions of Contract

Minimum charge per shift is 3 hours


*Unbound- In the unbound price plan, no notice period applies, so you or your babysitter may terminate the agreement whenever you wish. We cannot guarantee 100% that your babysitter is available anytime you wish. You and your babysitter decide what days he/she should work.


**Bound - In the bound price plan, each party has two weeks notice period. You and your babysitter schedule two weeks in advance. The babysitter should be available on your appointed days.



Bound 1: Min. charge/month is 12 h. Equals approx. 1 shift/week

Bound 2: Min. charge/month is 24 h. Equals approx. 2 shifts/week

Bound 3: Min. charge/month is 36 h. Equals approx. 3 shifts/week up to fulltime


Read more about our terms


*** Bilingual Babysitter - A babysitter that talks another language than Swedish with the child. 



- Between kl 21.00-07.00 there will be an additional fee of 20 kr/h
- Saturday, Sunday and red days are an additional 20 kr/h
- Payment via invoice (10 days)
FAQ - Bound Priceplan:
- What happens if my child/children get sick? 
If your child would get sick you try to reschedule the shifts affected. If this does not work, we will not charge anything for these days. 
- What happens if my babysitter gets sick? 
If your babysitter would get sick you try to reschedule the shifts affected. If this does not work, we will not charge anything for these days. 
- What are the rules during summer, Christmas and other holidays?
It is ok to take a pause in your plan if you notify us at least 14 days before. Otherwise, you can be charged the minimum hours/month.
Do you want to work as a babysitter?

Great! Read more about what we can offer you as an employee at Barnakademin!

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*You don't pay anything until you have hired a babysitter
Adress: Armégatan 24, 171 71 Solna
Telefon: 08-517 831 43
Må - Fre 9.00-16.00
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